Alexa "Glam-Fairy" Prisco
New Jersey

Alexa "Glam-Fairy" Prisco has big plans. A natural entrepreneur, the Glam Fairy has her own successful business doing on-site makeup for Jersey brides on weekends. Alexa is not a fan of the stereotypically Jersey look; she feels bare midriffs, designer knockoffs and fake boobs give "real" Jersey girls like her a bad name.


Season 1Edit

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Season 2Edit

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Season 3Edit

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Season 4Edit

Alexa atended Cathy's party and approached Gayle and Christy with her. Cathy, Gayle and Christy got into an argument over each others buisness.

After Tracy and Gigi got fired, Tracy said they had a one time gig with the Glam Fairy. Tracy and Gigi did hair for a photoshoot and Glamo and Tracy got into a fight. Alexa tried to calm them down and managed to.


  • Alexa's secret is scared of the beach because when she was 12 she got hit by a wave and a jellyfish landed on her face.


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